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Shanghai – Beijing bullet train

The Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway is a 1,318 km long high-speed railway that connects two major economic zones in China. Construction began in April 2008 and the line opened to the public in June 2011. This rail line is the world’s longest high-speed line ever constructed in a single phase. The railway line was the first one designed for 380 km/h commercial running.

Austrian Airlines pricing policy

Flight from Budapest to Beijing via Vienna – from 512 EUR, 4882 miles
BUD – VIE flight OS 71x
VIE – PEK flight OS 63

Flight from Vienna to Beijing – from 708 EUR, 4632 miles
VIE – PEK flight OS 63

It means that Austrian Airlines charges 196 EUR more for flight from Vienna even though flight from Budapest connects to the same direct flight to Beijing from Vienna. Is it only taxes and airport fees which makes the difference of 38% or is it Austrian pricing policy?

Vienna: 378 EUR
Budapest: 180 EUR

Taxes / Surcharges
Vienna: 320 EUR
Budapest: 325 EUR

Ticket service charge
Vienna: 10 EUR
Budapest: 7,5 EUR

Taxes and surcharges are the same so it is only fare which makes the difference. Austrian charges 198 EUR more in fares for the same destination (Beijing) from Vienna, even though it is 250 miles shorter as from Budapest.

Train trip: from Beijing to The Great Wall

Train is the safest and most comfortable transport from Beijing to The Great Wall. It is fast, clean, not crowded and offers nice views. Travelling by car or bus can take longer when you get stuck in traffic jam.

Trains to The Great Wall (Badaling station) depart from Beijing North Railway Station, which is located next to the subway station Xizhimen on Beijing subway line 2, exit A. Ticket offices are located at the right side of the building and in the basement (less crowded). Ask for ticket to Badaling station. One way ticket costs 19 RMB for the second class and 23 RMB for the first class.

Beijing North Railway Station

Choose one of these air conditioned trains from Beijing North to Badaling:
Y563 Beijing North 07:26 Badaling 08:25
Y567 Beijing North 09:33 Badaling 10:42
Y571 Beijing North 11:08 Badaling 12:15
Y575 Beijing North 13:19 Badaling 14:28
Y579 Beijing North 15:01 Badaling 16:10

And back from Badaling to Beijing North:
Y572 Badaling 11:42 Beijing North 12:59
Y580 Badaling 15:22 Beijing North 16:28
Y588 Badaling 19:40 Beijing North 20:57

Badaling station looks like this so be sure to get off at the right station. Trains in China are on time so get off according to the schedule. When you exit the gate of Badaling station turn left and walk 1000 meters. Entrance to The Great Wall costs 45 RMB. Opening Hours are 06:30-19:00 in summer and 07:00-18:00 in winter.

Badaling Station

The Great Wall